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Its not very often that we hear of the success of a different nature with dogs that go to their new homes.

Here at Finetime we are very proud to present 'Disney' who is the Litter Brother of our own Blossom & something of a Celebrity! He lives the majority of the time in St Tropez with his owners Kelvin & Chris Freeman.

Disney was recently invited to 'Head the Parade of St bernards' in Nieuwport,Belgium. This parade takes place every August & over 100 Saints take part, with Disney taking the lead!

Disney will be heading up the parade again this year as he has been invited to come back on 23rd August 2009 as he was so well behaved & obedient that he walked the entire parade without a lead, with all the other 99 saints.

Below are some photos taken at the parade in 2008 of Disney with the Archbishop at the Church of St Bernard after being blessed with Holy Water.



Disney was born on the 1/12/01 he had the most charmed life any St Bernard could have thanks to his wonderful Mum and Dad.He died on the 22/4/13 leaving his Mum and Dad totally devastated.